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GEARWRENCH 120XP 85194 Flex Head Electronic Torque Wrench With Angle 1/4 in Drive

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GEARWRENCH 120XP Torque Wrench, Flex Head Electronic, 1/4 in Drive, 2 to 20 ft-lb Torque, Ratcheting Head, Graduations: 0.1 ft-lb/0.1 N-m, 15.59 in Overall Length, CW/CCW Rotation, +/-2% CW, +/-3% CCW Accuracy, LED Display, Buzzer with LED Light Indicator, (2) AA Alkaline Batteries Power Source, Specifications Met: ASME B107.10/B107.12/B107.28/B107.300, Knurled Grip Handle, Alloy Steel, Polished Chrome


  • 120XP head provides a 3 deg ratcheting arc to turn fasteners in narrow spaces
  • Low profile tube, 15 deg flex teardrop head and flush mounted On/Off switch allow for better access in tight confines
  • Digitally tracks torque and angle measurements, vibrating handle, buzzer and LCD screen alert when target torque is reached
  • 3 function modes feature peak torque, angle and peak angle for additional versatility
  • 5 torque measurement units provide a readout in ft-lb, in-lb, Nm, Kg-m and Kg-cm
  • 10 available preset torque settings allow you to quickly access frequently repeated applications
  • Torque accuracy of +/-2% CW and +/-3% CCW between 20% and 100% of wrench capability
  • Angle settings offer +/-1% of reading of angle accuracy
  • Knurled aluminum handle lets you grip comfortably, while clearly marked midpoint promotes additional accuracy


  • Accuracy: +/-2% CW, +/-3% CCW
  • Display Type: LED
  • Drive Size: 1/4 in
  • Finish: Polished Chrome
  • Graduations: 0.1 ft-lb/0.1 N-m
  • Handle Type: Knurled Grip
  • Head Type: Ratcheting
  • Indicator Type: Buzzer with LED Light
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Overall Length: 15.59 in
  • Power Source: (2) AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Rotation Type: CW/CCW
  • Specifications Met: ASME B107.10/B107.12/B107.28/B107.300
  • Torque Range: 2 to 20 ft-lb
  • Type: Flex Head Electronic


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