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MASTER HEATER Master SilentDrive MH-125-OFR-A Lightweight Radiant Heater 125000 Btu/hr

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Master 125000 Btu kerosene heater is a pros dream for quiet, efficient heat. It warms up to 3125 sq-ft of your space with its radiant heat plate. This multi-fuel heater is part of Master line of innovative radiant heaters that combine forced air heat with radiant heat, which warm objects directly like the sun does. The result is a heater that works quickly and effectively to bring warmth to a space. Its also a lot quieter than comparable conventional kerosene heaters. Master built for power.


  • 20 max operating hours on full tank of fuel
  • Radiant heating, heats like the sun and fan forced heating system
  • Large wheels for portability
  • Automatic safety shut-off system
  • Adjustable heat angle
  • Half the noise of a comparable heater
  • Compatible with 7 fuels
  • Produces half the noise of a comparable heater
  • Lightweight ergonomic design and easy-lift handle for portability
  • Advanced safety features including safety overheat shut off system, tip over shut off, high temperature limit shut off, flame out fuel cut, thermocouple, safety guards, and error indicator light
  • Radiant and fan forced heating system


  • Amperage Rating: 3.15 A
  • Capacity: 125000 Btu/hr
  • Dimensions: 41 in L x 28-3/4 in W x 28-3/8 in H
  • Domestic/Import: Import
  • Frequency Rating: 60 Hz
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.9 gph
  • Fuel Type: K-1 Kerosene/#1 and #2 Diesel Fuel/Jet A/JP8 Fuel and #1 and #2 Fuel Oil
  • Heating Area: 3125 sq-ft
  • Hours on One Filling: 20 hr
  • Tank Capacity: 14 gal
  • Type: Lightweight
  • Voltage Rating: 120 VAC


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