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RIDGID 21893 SeekTech SR-20 Locator, Line Tracer and Underground Utility Locator

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  • Passive Radio Trace:4 kHz-15 kHz, 15 kHz-36 kHz
  • Large LCD screen graphically displays representation displaying proximity signal, signal strength, target line and guidance arrows to quickly identify distortion and help map difficult locates
  • Omni-Seek technology increases accuracy and efficiency when searching in passive mode- continuously searches passive power and radio bands to locate and avoid unknown metallic lines
  • Trace any pipe locator frequency from 10 Hz to 35,000 kHz* while utilizing plumbing camera snakes, sonde (beacons), and wire transmitters for better underground utility location and pipe line tracing
  • 3 antennas offset 120 degrees from each other in each housing and 2 gradient antennas (8 total antennas) make it easier to pick up the signal regardless of orientation and angle
  • Continual Depth feature increases productivity by showing depth changes of signal from underground pipe in real-time


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