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RIDGID 57523 RT-7X Thermal Imager with Wi-Fi

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RIDGID® thermal imagers feature the latest technology, including the best image in their class and an easy-to-use interface, to help you more efficiently predict problems before they happen and prevent costly downtime. And, the ruggedly built tool, backed by the industry’s best warranty, gives you the confidence to take it on any job.

For your thermal imaging needs, turn to the trade’s most trusted brand



Using pixel shift technology, SuperResolution effectively doubles the resolution of your camera, allowing greater detail to detect anomalies. Our RT-9x 320×240 resolution imager can create images with resolution as high as 640×480 using the perspective change provided by natural hand movements when capturing an image. Thermal images taken with SuperResolution rival higher resolution, higher cost cameras.


For precise thermal images, it is important to set the emissivity and the reflected temperature (RTC) of the object being examined in the imager. Using material tables and aluminum foil is a complicated and less than accurate process. With ε-Assist, simply attach one of the reference stickers to the target object. Via the integrated digital camera, the thermal imager recognizes the sticker, determines emissivity and reflected temperature and sets both values automatically. 


ScaleAssist automatically sets the optimum thermal image scale. This makes evaluation of construction errors and thermal bridges easier than ever before. Interpretation errors can be caused by false evaluation of the scaling. Undesired extreme temperatures are automatically filtered out of the image and are only represented as such when they really are present. This makes infrared images comparable in spite of altered ambient conditions. This is critical in before-and-after images.


Infrared Resolution- 240x180 pixels

SuperResolution Images- 480x360 pixels

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)- <90mK

Measuring Range- -30° to +650° C

Field of View (FOV)- 35°x26°

Includes- Rechargeable 3.7V Li-Ion Battery, Scale Assist, Wi-Fir/App compatibility, integrated digital camera and E-Assist


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