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RIDGID 95732 Drum Machine with C24 IC

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RIDGID® Drum Drain Cleaning Machine Kit, 3 to 6 in Drain, 200 ft Maximum Run, 4/10 hp, 115 VAC, 5.6 A, 100 ft of 5/8 in Cable Drum, Polyethylene Drum, 2 Leg, 285 rpm, Pneumatic/Autofeed® Control, 29-1/2 in L x 19 in W x 43-1/2 in H

The RIDGID® K-6200 drain cleaning machine will clean drain lines 3 to 6 in diameter and up to 200 ft in length. The 4/10 hp universal motor spins 5 /8 in cable at 285 rpm. When the cable hits the blockage, the motor gears down automatically to deliver greater power and enhance operator control. The molded polyethylene drum includes an inner drum that guards against cable flip over. An integral ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) is built into the line cord and a "kickstand" base is provided for machine stability during operation. A pneumatic foot actuator provides on/off control of the motor. The drum powers a 5/8 in inner core cable that has a quick change coupling system for connecting or disconnecting tools. The cable is fed in and out of the drain by a auto-feed assembly at a rate of 0-28 feet/min. An integral torque limiter will cause the drum to stop rotating whenever excessive torque is created when the cutting tool attached to the cable hits a snag and stops rotating.


  • Patented cable control system: causes the drum to slow down when the blade becomes lodged in a blockage and limits potential for cable flip over
  • Direct drive design - 4/10 hp universal motor and gearbox bear down as torque builds, audible warnings let operator know when blockage is encountered and drum requires no adjustments to stay aligned and tight on drive shaft
  • Easy maintenance construction - Separate drum and machine in seconds, inner drum and guide tube remove easily to maintain or replace cable
  • Designed durable and stable - low center of gravity frame design and custom kickstand keep machine firmly anchored during operation, rugged, corrosion resistant polyethylene drum is rust and dent proof and double tubular frame is lightweight and designed for extra strength
  • AUTOFEED® control and standard accessories - powerful feed mechanism is built to last and is easily maintained, auto-feed control, toolbox and selection of cutters included in all models
  • 60 hz reversible universal AC motor


    Drain Line Capacity- 3" to 6"
    Maximum Run- 200
    Horsepower- 4/10
    Voltage Rating- 115 
    Amperage Rating- 5.6
    Drum Capacity- 100 ft of 5/8" Cab
    Drum Material- Polyethylene
    Number of Legs- 2
    Speed- 285
    Control Type- Pneumatic/Autofeed&r
    Dimensions- 29-1/2 in L x 19 in


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